Moberly Storms | Hodge's Roofing & Siding

Moberly Storms

Randolph County, 2018. Homes are ravaged by horrible hail storms summoned by the evil villian Hail Boy! To add insult to injury, Hail Boy then summons his storm chasing, fly-by-night roof repair minions to perform under-par repair work, then leave town, leaving residents short of adequate roofing and money.

Enter Hodges Roofing, home of the Gray Panther, the local roof hero who does it right and is always there when the citizens of Randolph County need him! His higher-quality roof systems and countless local referrals make the storm chasers leave town, never to return. The Gray Panther saves the day!

“This is Greg A. Hodges, A.K.A. the Gray Panther. Beware the storm chasers – roofing companies so-named because they only show up after a damaging hail storm, then disappear. Call Hodges Roofing instead. We give you our standard, higher-quality roof system that lasts, for the same money. And if you need to contact us again, for any reason, we’ll still be here.”

Keeping friends and family safe under higher quality roof systems since 1976!