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There may be many reasons to replace windows or doors on your home. You may want newer, more efficient windows, updated window styles, or decide to upgrade and open up the feel of your home with more light. Whether you are re-siding your house or not, it’s always a relief to replace old drafty windows or doors. Maybe you have old windows that have black fungus stains or need to be painted. When you need someone to help replace your windows or doors, look no further than a siding contractor in Boonville, MO from us here at Hodges Roofing & Siding.

When it comes to roofs, skylights can be a major source of leaks or heating and air-conditioning loss. When we inspect your roof, we include an evaluation of your skylights letting you know which ones need replacing. Or maybe you’ve never had skylights in which case a new roof is the perfect time to add a little light on the subject.

Whatever your reason, we can answer a window or door question or make an appointment to take a look.

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When to update or replace

Generally windows and doors will last 15 to 20 years, sometimes longer depending on the quality and if they are well-maintained. After two decades, it’s time to consider replacements. Here are some other reasons.

  • Exterior remodeling of an older home
  • Adding, replacing, or upgrading when replacing your siding
  • The desire for newer technology to reduce your energy bills
  • Rotting or warping window or door frames
  • Increasing security with advanced locking systems
  • Old windows that are sticking and hard to open and close
  • Doors that don’t seal well and you can feel the draft, hot and cold
  • Moisture or frost on the inside of your windows or between the panes

Our Window & Door Products

We can provide a specific window or door brand or style that you prefer. For a combination of cost control with high quality we will generally recommend Atrium® windows or Pella® windows, doors, and skylights. Get in touch with us today for a siding contractor in Columbia, MO you can rely on to replace your windows and doors.

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