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We’ve been in the roofing and siding business since 1976. We literally look at the whole roof on your house as a roof system not just a re-roof. We address anything that can be an issue now or later down the road.

Greg A. Hodges or a qualified member of his team performs every inspection because it’s important to maintain the quality of service the company provides.

We’re a Shingle Master™ company which means we are certified by CertainTeed®. All CertainTeed® shingles and products are made right here in Missouri. The factory warranty is a 50-year warranty. It’s important to us that you know what you are getting. It’s our job to make sure that you know how the process goes, what to expect, who is going to show up, and when they are going to show up. Greg will walk you through each step we take from beginning through cleanup. That way it just seems to go a lot smoother for everybody. We provide high-quality roofing systems meant to last and backed by great warranties, and the same with our preferred siding, windows, and doors. We want your roofing and siding to make sense for your home and for your experience with us satisfying.

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The Grey Panther

Serving Missouri since 1976

Greg A. Hodges, the owner of Hodges Roofing and Siding, goes by the nickname The Grey Panther as he fights roof rot, storm damage, and weathered shingles with reliable roofing systems. Have fun listening to our radio ads and looking at our cartoon drawings, and know that The Grey Panther has your best interests at heart. He’s looking out for you!

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