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How We Remodeled Our House in 5 Weeks – Part 3

Remodeling and Decluttering Go Hand in Hand Decluttering our house was a side benefit of our remodeling project. We did spend a couple of weeks packing and moving into our finished basement in preparation for the floor. Large pieces of furniture were left in place and the installers moved those around between rooms as needed. […]


How We Remodeled Our House in 5 Weeks – Part 2

Keeping A Watchful Eye During The Remodel As well as we thought we planned, I knew that the unexpected always pops up. We were very fortunate that our plumber asked a key question before replacing our drain pipe. He asked about the depth of our new sink. Realizing that our new double sink was deeper […]


How We Remodeled Our House in 5 Weeks – Part 1

When I first starting talking about remodeling our house to friends, I heard story after story of ongoing projects that lasted months. My wife and I knew we had to move pretty much everything into the finished basement and live without a kitchen, surrounded by boxes, storage tubs, and all manner of accumulated stuff during […]


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