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Detail Dude

Somewhere in Mid-Mo, a family is in trouble! The evil Sergeant Storm has sabotaged their roof with elusive leaks.

Meanwhile, at the Hodges Construction headquarters, the Gray Panther senses trouble and goes on the prowl. With his superior attention to detail, no roofing problem is too elusive – and the Gray Panther soon discovers the leak source! He pounces – Sergeant Storm is foiled again!

“This is Greg A. Hodges, A.K.A., The Gray Panther. I wasn’t always the Gray Panther. Of course, my hair wasn’t always gray either – that explains the gray part. But the panther part? Well, maybe it’s because I’m frequently spotted on roofs, prowling around for leaks, cracks, or anything else that compromises a perfect roof system. Maybe it’s because when you see me on your roof – you know you’re protected. When you need me, send me a signal at Don’t worry – I only bite bad guys.”

Hodges Roofing, home of the Gray Panther! Keeping friends and family safe under higher quality roof systems since 1976.

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