Busting Common Myths About Roofing

Busting Common Myths About Roofing


The thing about myths is they can influence you to make the wrong decision, which can be costly when it concerns roofing. Your home’s roof is a big investment, so it’s important to get the following roofing myths out of the way to ensure you end up with the best choice.

There’s Not Much Difference Between Roofing Options

Sure, there are a variety of roofing materials on the market, but if you don’t do your homework, it’s easy to assume they are all the same. For instance, according to Home Innovation, more than 80% of homeowners opt for asphalt shingles when roofing or re-roofing. Most builders opt for architectural asphalt shingles when constructing a new home.

The point is, even asphalt shingles are not the same quality though they are made from similar materials. Besides asphalt, you also get roofing made from wood, metal, and clay. These options come in a variety of colors and textures and have their pros and cons.

Some are more durable than others, while other options are more suitable in specific climates. Instead of rushing to pick the cheapest option, do your research and ask your roofing contractor for advice so you can find the best option for your home and budget.

Replacing My Roof Is Not Necessary If There Are No Leaks

Your roof might look like it’s in good condition if there are no obvious leaks or other noticeable issues. However, not all problems with your roof can be detected easily. Therefore, you’ll need an expert to inspect your roof thoroughly before you can be sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

Getting your roof checked by an expert regularly is also important if you want to avoid expensive repairs down the line. If there’s an undiscovered leak somewhere, it can cause damage to your home’s interior elements. Sometimes, a weak spot develops during the dry season, and the last thing you want is a surprise flood or water puddles in your home when it starts raining.

Repairing a Roof Is Expensive, DIY Is Better

This is one of the biggest myths preventing homeowners from addressing roofing problems the right way. It’s true that if your roof needs major repairs, the costs will add up, but this is absolutely worth it if it means getting adequate protection for your home. Besides, most roofing repairs are easy to fix and won’t break the bank. Once you notice issues with your roof, acting fast helps you avoid costlier problems down the line.

Speaking of costlier problems, this is the main concern that comes with attempting to repair your own roof. Experienced roofers have received the necessary training required for making repairs properly. They can inspect and identify problems with your roof and determine the most appropriate and cost-effective fix.

That’s why it’s best to ditch the DIY efforts and leave the job to professionals. This also saves you time and effort you’re better off spending elsewhere. Otherwise, any mistakes you make might leave your home and its valuables without adequate protection.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Installing New Shingles Over Old Ones

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most homeowners want to believe that it’s true because installing new shingles over the old ones helps them save money. However, we don’t want you to save money, only to part with more later. That’s why we never encourage homeowners to layer shingles since this will increase the weight of their roofs.

This increases the risk of structural damage, which can be very costly indeed.

A New Roof Comes With a Maintenance-Free Phase

Installing a new roof is something to be proud of. You know you don’t have to worry about roofing repairs or go shopping for a new roof for a long, long while. However, this doesn’t mean you should relax when it comes to maintenance.

In fact, if you want to avoid repairs and problems with your roof for longer, then you must invest some time in keeping your new roof in good health. Inspecting your roof and keeping it in tip-top condition won’t take up much of your time, especially if you hire a roofing contractor to evaluate your roof and regularly carry out preventive maintenance.

We are always happy to provide you with the correct information you need to make the best decision about your roof. The next time you come across these myths, you’ll know to avoid them. Overall, working with an experienced roofing contractor will also keep you on the right track. If you have a roofing problem or need any other roof-related services, please get in touch today.